How to make a cohesive theme

When furnishing your home, it is very significant to decorate the rooms differently. Nonetheless, each room has to connect to the next in some way, so that you don’t end up with a disjointed and erratic home. Below are some of the important tips to help you decorate your rooms and make them flow and connect to each other.

Color is the most vital factor that can help you to connect your room designs. You can paint your entire home in one particular color with some few color accents. You can also choose to use different colors to decorate your rooms and still achieve a cohesive design.

Your room’s color can resemble the form of fabric, accessories and paint among other design elements. For example, when using pillows as the accessory color to design your room, you can choose different pillow color shades and accents. Also, when using a flower vase to create design in your home, use multiple vases. One flower vase won’t be enough. You need to deploy different tone and flower vase shades in various places in the room to create design depth and layers.

Another important tip when decorating your rooms in separate colors is to avoid using many colors. You can select a maximum of four colors and use them in the entire home. Too many colors will make your home too erratic; especially when you live in a small home. Too many colors also make your home complicated and cluttered. Remember that the easiest way to maintain design in your home and make your rooms connect to each other is by painting all the places in one trim color.

You can also make your home’s design theme cohesive through the room style. You need to select a style that you’re comfortable with and use it everywhere in your home. Each room doesn’t have to resemble the previous one. Instead, you can use separate furniture shapes and materials to add more vitality and life to each room. Also, remember that, when you decorate each place in a different style, your home will appear messed up. So, when you want to use various techniques, you have to incorporate each style’s element in every room. It is a complicated task to accomplish, but in the end, your home design will have a cohesive theme.

When you live in a modest home, it is recommended for you to maintain the same floor in each room. However, it changes when your house is large. Consistent hardwood flooring throughout your home makes the rooms look connected and cohesive. As long as the base flooring is constant, you can also choose to add color and interest using runners and rugs. Be sure that it’ll work.

When your flooring is different, and you can’t correct this, you can use runners and rugs of the same color or material to establish a connection. There are also situations where the floors might be different from each other, and rugs, not an alternative. Here, you might want to think about decorating the whole house in one single color. This will soothe the separate colors and establish a sense of cohesive design in your home.


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